The then and now attention grabbers-Casino Design

Casino, in today’s scenario is a large palatial property giving you an elated feel as you just step in. The concept was similar in the olden days too, but such grandiosity wasn’t there. Casino goers will certainly understand the point that we are going to talk about, the design of a casino, which is surely the crowd puller, without which the casino would never be what it is today.With so much of media presence, casinos have gained lot popularity. Casinos have become centres of attraction in many places.

Casino isn’t a new subject as well, it was here since several decades and they were started to be a central point of meet for friends or families. They started with housing these games in common gathering places like clubs etc. and thus the term casino developed.The first such gambling house in Europe was established in Venice in the year 1638 to provide controlled gambling during the carnival season. It wasn’t called a casino, but Ridotto, and was closed in 1770. And Americans called casinos as Saloons.

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Until now, casinos had a very particular design structure in place. They were mazes of games. When you step into a casino, you would find all cheerful and enthusiastic players at the tables, flashy machines which are kept in a way to lure your eyes, the sounds from play rooms, and the waiter with a beer or cocktail in hand.

In recent years, the design of the casino has taken the centre stage and undergone a major change in the way a casino looks. The look of the casino is designed in such a way as to encourage, allure and attract customers and to make the place look comfortable.The earlier design of the casino was of a Maze layout.

As the name says, it would be slightly difficult to find the way out once you get, before you find the way, sure you would drop few bucks into the slot machines which are arranged just to please you. In the early 1960’s the machines were arranged in rows fashion neatly. Later this design changed to arcs, being kept haphazard on the floors, just like a maze game.

This was the trick behind the maze layout, to suck the customer in. The exit signs would be sparely seen, thus making you trying a hand at the card game or a Bingo!This maze layout was here till many years, until 2010 which saw a major change in the design. The playground layout, which is seen currently, is the new version. The new design has huge sky roofs unlike the old casinos, which has become the centre of attraction. With high sky roofs, come the lights, chandeliers that decorate the place elegantly. Space between the machines, space to move around became the key aspect. Hence we see that today’s casinos have ample space for the customer to move around, have a look at the games that are being played, machines that are laid out.The new design incorporated lots of views and some sunlight into the design. The slots were arranged in circles of small numbers. This enhanced the play, as group of friends or even families could sit along and play and have fun.

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In whole, the architecture and design is created keeping in mind the various groups of people who would visit the casino. The people whose wallets are like whales and would never think about their loss. They are the foremost important group to casino. The newbies who come in anticipation of either having fun or making money. They are nervous, excited and very absorbing. This is again an important category to please. The people who would just spend not even quarter bucks, but would roam around. And then those visitors who just pass-by the casino, who are actually guests of that particular hotel.

So the design should impress the entire above category and would be in the favour of the house. We must admit that the architects have done an amazing job, not just today, even in yester years when technology was not much evolved. Since casinos are a hit not just today but from years. Hope you got a peek about the interior structure of a casino.